Each year that passes creates many unforgettable memories and while you may want to remember them all, the last place you want to be reminded is when you look at your face in the mirror.

Lines and wrinkles may seem like an inevitable side effect of a life well lived, yet the reality is that you can look and feel younger than your years.

Yes, you don’t have to resort to chemical fillers or Botox to maintain a youthful look.

Face Yoga, a series of natural movements based on acupressure techniques using just your fingertips can help you to do just that. By working with the facial muscles, you can create contraction and resistance, stimulating blood flow and circulation to areas that may need some assistance.

The end result is a facial appearance that’s more toned, lifted and refreshed. These are all signs of youth and vitality that you can achieve when you use these exercises on a daily basis.

Feel comfortable in your skin and radiate a more youthful complexion by using this face exercise guide as your ultimate anti-aging friend…

1. Wake up your facial muscles

Like any muscle in your body, your facial muscles need to be strengthened too. This simple face yoga exercise can ‘warm’ up these muscles, effectively preparing you for the series of contractions and resistant movements that follow.

  1. Raise your eyebrows high and hold them for 5 seconds. Open your mouth wide and stick the tongue out as far as possible. Hold for a few seconds.
  2. Use your three central fingers to press down on your cheeks. Smile as hard as you can and raise your cheek muscles against your fingers.
  3. Move your nose from side to side.
  4. Lift your eyebrows high. Open your eyes as wide as possible, then frown at the same time.
  5. Pucker your lips as far out as possible. Create an “O” shape. Change your expression into a wide smile. Repeat this move several times.
  6. Sit comfortably in a chair. Look up at the ceiling. Pucker your lips, then stick your tongue out as much as possible. This exercises your neck muscles. You may also want to simulate a chewing motion such as chewing gum while you are in this position.


2. Reduce Forehead Lines

Deep forehead lines can be reduced and softened with this simple facial exercise known as Yang Bai.

This face yoga position stimulates and builds up underlying muscle tissue in the face, softening any furrows and creating a smooth brow. It may also be ideal for headaches, migraines and insomnia.

  1. Using your fingertips, apply a firm pressure between the hairline and the top of the eyebrows, in line with the pupils.
  2. Use both forefingers to make small inward circles for at least one minute.
  3. Repeat this exercise twice daily for best results. Some warmth in the face may be experienced from this movement.


3. Give Yourself a Natural Eye Lift


You can reduce crow’s feet and drooping lines by practising this easy face yoga exercise.

  1. Relax your eyebrow area and place the three middle fingers of each hand directly under your eyebrows.
  2. Drop the palms of your hands flat against your face.
  3. With the pads of your fingertips directly under your eyebrows, push your eyebrows upwards and slightly outwards.
  4. Hold your eyebrows in this position with your eyes open.
  5. Slowly push your eyebrows down against your fingertips while holding your eyebrows high. Hold the contraction for 5 seconds.
  6. Remove your hands from your face.
  7. Breathe in deeply through your nose, and exhale through your nose.


4. Reduce Dark Under Eye Circles

  1. Place your middle fingers at the beginning of your eyebrows.
  2. Gently tap around the eyes. Follow the top of the eyebrow and continue under the eyes, just at the top of the cheekbones. Continue along the inside corner of the eye.
  3. Repeat this movement going in the opposite direction, making little tapping motions.
  4. Using the index fingers, gently stroke just under the eyes from the nose outwards. Do this four times to warm up and then relax the area.


5. Slim Puffy Cheeks with ‘The Mouthwash’

The mouthwash move is a simple face yoga exercise that can stretch and work the cheek muscles, reducing flabbiness in the process.

This will strengthen and build the cheek muscles, reducing the appearance of a double chin.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position. Fill up one of your cheeks with air.
  2. Transfer the air from one cheek to another, as if swishing mouthwash from one side to the other.
  3. Continue doing this for 1 minute and then relax. Repeat this for 5 to 10 times for best results.


6. Lift and Tone Sagging Cheeks

Tighten sagging jowls, erase drooping lines around the nose and mouth and firm your jawline with this easy face yoga exercise.

  1. Stick your tongue out, tilting your head backwards.
  2. Look at the ceiling. Feel the stretch and the pull of the back of the tongue, along the front of the neck and underneath the jaw and chin line.
  3. Hold this position for 5 seconds. Relax. Repeat this exercise 3-4 times.


7. Reduce Sagging Jowls


The Giraffe can give a natural lift to the jowls and neck area. Practice regularly for best results.

  1. Looking straight ahead, place the fingertips at the bottom of the neck. Stroke the skin lightly in a downward motion, ensuring the head is tilted back.
  2. Place the head down to the chest and repeat this move twice more. Finally, jut the lower lip outwards as much as possible.
  3. Pull the corners of the mouth down, placing fingertips on the collarbone, the chin pointed downwards. Hold for four deep breaths. Release.


8. Plump Lips

This facial exercise is excellent for plumping lips by stimulating collagen in the skin around the mouth and tightening muscles. This move also prevents the old lady ‘sulky mouth’ lip downturn.

  1. Position the hands on the corners of your mouth.
  2. With your forefingers pointing upwards, lift the edges of your lips firmly as if forcing yourself to smile.
  3. Hold for several seconds. Relax and repeat five times.


9. Define Your Jaw Line

This exercise tightens the jaw muscles and lip muscles, giving definition to this area.

  1. Open the mouth wide as if yawning.
  2. Slowly close the mouth and count to 20.
  3. Do not allow the upper and lower teeth to close.
  4. Repeat this exercise 3 times for best results.


10. Tone and Lift The Neck Muscles

Known as ‘The Baby Bird’ this face yoga exercise can tighten neck skin leaving the area stronger and more toned. This involves an open mouthed stretch that can tone the lower facial and neck muscles.

  1. Start by tilting the head back and looking up at the ceiling.
  2. Press the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth. Swallow while tilting your head to the left.
  3. Follow this by tilting your head to the right and swallowing. Repeat this exercise 4 times.


11. Stay Slim With ‘Fish Face’

The ‘Fish Face’ will tone and stretch your cheek muscles making your cheeks less flabby and giving your face a sleeker look.

  1. Sucking the cheeks and lips inwards, try to replicate a fish face.
  2. Holding the face, attempt to smile. This will feel like a burning sensation in your cheeks and jaw.
  3. Relax and then repeat the exercise.


12.  Relax Your Face


Relaxing your facial muscles by closing your eyes and staying centred is one of the best ways to unwind after a series of facial yoga exercises.

Unwinding at the end of the day and releasing tension from the face and body is important to maintaining good health and vitality.

Face yoga can stretch and release tension from the face, but another good way is to practice a few minutes of meditation following these exercises.

Studies show that meditation can reduce stress levels and memory loss in older adults. Researchers have found that people who practice meditation and mindfulness show a decrease in the production of NF-kB and cytokines, leading to the reversal of pro-inflammatory gene expression.

This can reduce the risk of chronic inflammation-related diseases. All of this means that meditation has been linked with having an anti-aging effect on the mind and body.

If you’re looking to improve your physical appearance and your mental wellbeing, focus on these 12 face yoga exercises as part of a dedicated anti-aging program for best results.


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