Big brows may be in full effect thanks to the Kardashian clan – yet as any woman over 40 knows, this means showing off the forehead – an area that reveals frown lines – one of the most obvious signs of aging.

I’ve always had a degree of paranoia about baring my forehead to the world. This could be why I’ve always felt the need to cover my face with a fringe – even when it’s boiling hot.

I’ve only recently learnt to let go of this self-consciousness and it turns out, I’m not the only one. A simple Google search reveals the many insecurities women face when it comes to letting their forehead lines show.

Whenever I visit my local beauty clinic I see many women – some fairly young, with tightly stretched foreheads that make them look older than their years. At times I have wondered what they are feeling as I can’t read what emotions they are trying to express.

It’s all too easy to prevent forehead lines with an ‘anti-aging shot’ that paralyses the facial muscles to stop them from moving. Yet not only can the forehead skin seem stretched, but use of these injections can have dangerous and even life threatening side effects.

In my search for a natural solution to minimise these forehead lines, I found that one of the best approaches is to take the problem into your own hands. Literally.

The Natural Power of Facial Exercise For Holding Back Forehead Lines

Facial exercises are a powerful way to reduce lines and wrinkles, while giving an energetic appearance to the face.

As it’s a natural and non-invasive procedure and an excellent alternative to surgery or botox, it can be a safe way to reduce forehead lines – without the use of dangerous chemicals or operations.

The problem is proving it to the disbelievers. One of the top Google searches on this topic is ‘why facial exercises don’t work’. There are many people who are quick to dismiss the idea as it seems so simple – so therefore conclude it couldn’t possibly be effective.

How Does Facial Exercise Work?

Facial exercises work by increasing blood circulation, lymph flow and removing toxins. Face massage can also increase collagen and elastin in the skin, revealing a firmer and healthier complexion. By promoting a sense of calm, it relaxes the facial muscles, reducing stress and tension in the skin.

One of the most powerful face exercises I found for relieving the appearance of forehead lines is the ‘Owl’ face yoga pose, by Danielle Collins.

As the world’s Face Yoga Expert and a renowned authority in Yoga, Nutrition and Wellbeing, Danielle has combined effective traditional techniques with latest research to create effective results for the face and the body.

I decided to test this out by experimenting with this face yoga technique to see how effective and easy it can be…

The ‘Owl’ Face Exercise

The ‘Owl’ face exercise technique popularised by Danielle Collins can help to reduce forehead lines and release tension, thereby reducing stress, squinting or grimacing in the face.

How to Practice this Powerful Exercise To Reduce Forehead Lines…

  1. Make a big C shape with your thumb and index fingers.
  2. Place your index finger just above and parallel to your eyebrows, your thumbs on your cheeks.
  3. Start to pull down with the index fingers while trying to raise your eyebrows and making the eyes wide. Hold for two seconds, relax and repeat again.
  4. Now do this three more times. Then hold this position for ten seconds. This will firm up the forehead, reducing lines and wrinkles.


How Effective Is This Face Yoga Exercise?

The good news is that I noticed some considerable differences right away. My facial muscles felt like they had a good workout and overall I experienced less tension in the face.

Results can vary however and it may take some time before long term improvement is noticed – sometimes as much as 2-4 months to notice a considerable difference.

Within 6-9 months, many people have reported that they look and feel much younger than their years. They reported that their newfound appearance made them feel healthier and more energised.

Taking the time to invest in yourself with this natural technique is one of the best forms of self-care and an ideal way to firm up your face and skin texture. The key is to be consistent and to trust the process.

I’m no longer doubting that face exercises will work for me. Every day I am looking in the mirror and seeing a visible difference in my appearance. I release so many emotions – fear, anxiety and doubt in the process.

I realise that being my authentic self means learning to go with the natural flow of ageing – and this includes being able to freely show my facial expressions.

This is the beauty of face exercises as they can naturally lift and reduce forehead lines, without the use of unsafe chemicals or invasive procedures.



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