Going to bed and waking up on time everyday is indeed a great habit and no doubt good for health. But what is even more important is the quality of sleep you get at night without any disturbances. Often times you might wake up feeling dizzy or restless instead of feeling energized after a good night’s sleep. Sleeping disorders like sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome (RLS) or simply circadian rhythm sleep disorder, could be some of the reasons for your restless nights.

If you’re looking for natural remedies to alleviate your problem then you’re just a few mins away before you start your remedial action using eucalyptus oil.

How does eucalyptus oil help relieve sleeping disorders?


1. Relives mental exhaustion leading to better sleep overnight

Day long activities can make you feel stressed and cause mental exhaustion leading to sleepless nights. But with eucalyptus oil which is great for relieving stress and mental fatigue, you can calm your mind. It removes mental sluggishness and rejuvenates you. The aroma of eucalyptus oil releases feel good hormones and makes you feel relaxed aiding in good night’s sleep.

2. Opens up air blockages and relieves sleep apnea

Inhalation of eucalyptus oil helps to open up blockages in the airways. If you suffer from sleep apnea then eucalyptus oil can complement your ongoing treatment or can be a stand alone natural aid depending on the severity of your problem. It helps in removing phlegm and hence eases your breathing procedure by clearing your airways. This means you’ll have no sleep disturbance due to interrupted breathing or snoring.

3. Calms your nerves and relieves RLS and narcolepsy

While narcolepsy is a serious sleeping disorder and caution needs to be exercised, eucalyptus oil can help to some extent. If you have restless leg syndrome and suffer from problems like leg twitching, fidgeting, restlessness, pacing or cramps and pain, then massaging eucalyptus oil in combination with other oils like peppermint oil, lavender oil and camphor oil can help calm your nerves.

4. Relieves sleeplessness caused due to physical exhaustion

Eucalyptus oil helps in relieving body ache and muscular pain caused due to tired, sore or cramped muscles. It acts as pain reliever by relaxing the muscles. It is also recommended for joints pain since its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties can give you relief from the pain.

5. Remedy for insomnia

If you have this common sleeping problem called insomnia where you want to sleep but not able to, then the pleasant aroma of eucalyptus oil can be your natural remedy. Although the oil alone might not be able to help you if you suffer from severe insomnia, it can definitely help you relax. It is often seen that the underlying causes for insomnia are stress, anxiety, mental fatigue, physical strain, etc. With eucalyptus oil you can nullify all these negative traits and feel rejuvenated.

How can you use the essential oil?

    1. Dry air can be one of the most common causes for nose congestion which leads to snoring and sleep disturbance. While using a humidifier or a vaporizer is a good idea, it doubles the effect when you add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to your humidifier. The fumes released in the air helps in opening up your airways and eases breathing.
    2. You can add few drops of the essential oil in the water and take the steam before going to bed. By inhaling the fumes directly in the form of steam your blockages are cleared.
    3. Spray some eucalyptus oil on the pillow cover for a lasting effect overnight. It not only helps to clear your passages but also keeps your mind relaxed.
    4. If you feel the aroma can be overwhelming when sprayed on the pillow cover, then simply take bath by adding few drops of oil to the water just before you go to bed.
    5. In cases like RLS, you can directly massage diluted oil on your legs and joints. This will help to reduce the urge to constantly move your legs due to twitching or aching sensation.
    6. You can go for aromatherapy massages to relieve muscular tensions in your body while also aiding your senses with the tranquil aroma of the eucalyptus oil.

Conclusion- Eucalyptus oil has a wide range of medicinal properties such as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory,  deodorant, antiseptic, antispasmodic and decongestant. It is also believed to be a vasodilator which promotes blood circulation. With so many properties in single oil it can be a natural aid to cure and relieve many sleeping constraints. Recognize the cause for your sleep disturbance and treat it accordingly using eucalyptus oil.

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