I’ve always struggled with slightly chubby cheeks since I was a teenager. Like most women I looked at supermodels in the magazines and couldn’t help but compare myself, thinking what I had been given naturally wasn’t good enough.

These were women blessed by nature and they could afford to enhance their looks through surgery any time they like. Most of us can’t. I had no idea that my facial features could be improved until one day when I discovered face yoga…

Facial yoga is the latest trend taking off like wildfire. You may be thinking ‘Is this another anti-aging fad?’

And I thought the same way too.

I too, felt skeptical when I first heard about Face Yoga. How could scrunching my face up with my fingers possibly reduce wrinkles?

Still, I decided to give it a try.

What I learnt after a few days of following a face yoga program surprised me. I saw a visible difference in the overall tightness and tone of my facial features. My cheeks looked much better and firmer.

Let’s discover how Facial Yoga works and why it works so well…shall we?

How Does Facial Yoga Work?

Based on Ancient Chinese acupressure techniques, facial yoga works by stimulating energy points, enhancing blood and chi to the face and neck, rejuvenating the underlying tissues and muscles in the process.

From smoothing fine lines to erasing dark circles, face yoga exercises can lift and tone, soften and reduce before wrinkles have a chance to create a permanent impression on the face.

Face acupressure exercises work more than 50 muscles in the face and neck, stimulating the tissue and muscle, increasing blood flow and allowing the muscle fiber to expand.

When blood flow increases in the skin, cells become nourished with essential nutrients and this rejuvenates and allows the body to heal. As a result, collagen manufacture increases and improves the skin’s elasticity, meaning it can help to reduce and soften the appearance of wrinkles, creases and folds.

Here are some examples of the easy facial exercises I practiced at home…

1. For Reducing Dark Circles and Eye Bags

Dark circles can make you look tired and older than your years. Look rested and revived with this simple face yoga exercise that targets dark under eye circles and wrinkles.

Gently massaging the acupressure points using your thumbs instead of your fingertips, place each thumb on either side of the top bridge of the nose and rotate upwards to just underneath the eyebrow.

Make small inward circles for one minute without pushing into the eyes. In oriental acupressure, this exercise is known as Zan Zhu.

Stimulating this area draws the flow of energy down around the eyes, nose and into the centre of the face. It’s also used for relieving sinus tension, headaches and general eye strain.


2. For Reducing Nasal Folds and Laughter Lines

Minimise the creases and lines in the corner of the mouth with this simple face workout.

Located above the upper lip and half an inch from the outside edges of the lips, these furrows are known as nasal or laughter lines.

The acupressure name of this facial exercise is known as Dicang. Using your index finger, make small and firm outward circles for at least one minute.

This massage move tightens and softens the appearance of deep lines that eventually become folds.


3. How To Reduce a Double Chin

Firm up a double chin, turkey neck and improve the appearance of sagging skin and jowls with this super easy face yoga technique. This facial exercise will firm sagging face muscles and the tissue underneath the jaw.

Sticking the chin out, stiffen your hand and use the back of it to perform quick rhythmic slapping as you move from the ear to chin.

Perform this facial exercise gently – just enough to stimulate blood flow into the bottom of your face. This is best practiced for 1-2 minutes for best results.


4. Reduce Hollow or Chubby Cheeks

If you want to reduce the appearance of your hollow or chubby cheeks then this facial exercise is excellent as it can help to slim and tighten the cheekbones.

Chia Che as its Oriental acupressure name is known is one face yoga exercise that can energise the entire face, along with having a relaxing effect on the lower and upper jaw tension and easing headaches.

On the big muscle at the hinge of the jaw, perform small upward circles for one minute. Allow the mouth to fall slightly open. This is where the small depression point is at the hinge of the jaw. Practice this acupressure exercise twice daily for best results.


5. Lion Face for Stretching Facial Muscles and Relieving Tension

This facial exercise may look extremely funny but it’s excellent for relieving tension in the face and chest that can cause premature wrinkles.

The Lion face exercise stimulates blood flow to the nerves and keeps eyes healthy, while other benefits include prevention from sore throats, asthma and respiratory relief – it can even treat bad breath.

To practice this simple face yoga move, lower the jaw and open the mouth wide, stretching and curling out the tongue until the tip is nearly touching the chin.

Open the eyes wide and look upwards, staying focused between the eyebrows or on the tip of your nose. Contract the muscles in the front of the throat as you do this, holding the position as you exhale through the mouth. Release. Repeat a few times daily.

Visible Skin Improvements In Just A Few Days


By following these face exercises, I noticed a considerable difference to my overall appearance in as little as 7-10 days. This is most likely caused by the surge of blood circulating around my face, increasing the uptake of oxygen and promoting new cellular tissue.

I now look in the mirror and feel satisfied that I’m doing everything I can to prevent fine lines and facial wrinkles before they occur.

I have been following the Facial Engineering Exercises ’30 Day DIY Facelift Technique’ program by Wendy Wilken. It uses face exercises and acupressure toning to keep your skin looking youthful.

Using a 20 point facial exercise program, you too can see a more tight and younger looking face when you practice face yoga exercises consistently.

Trend or no trend, the beauty is, this all-natural ancient facelift technique is something I can practice at home, in front of a mirror and without the use of needles or surgery. I feel like I’ve taken back my power – and the hands of time – into my own fingertips.

Discover more facial exercises in our FREE guide – The 7-Days Natural Facelift Formula. You’ll also receive a printable calendar as a free gift.








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