Back Pain Resources

Here are some useful resources to help you find quality information to deal with your back pain whether it be chronic, acute, or due to injury. Remember that regardless of the cause, seeing a physical therapist, or licensed chiropractor is always a good idea.

Online Diagnosis Tools

The Back Pain Symptom Checker
This step-by-step questionare created by the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, helps you diagnose your back pain. By entering your symptoms and other sensations related to your pain, you would receive ideas on possible causes.

Back Pain Diagnosis
This assessment questionnaire asks you questions generally asked by a medical professional. At end of the questionnaire it shows you a clear summary of your symptoms and allows you to print a comprehensive checklist upon completion.

Preventing Back Pain

Back pain can best be prevented by a variety of simple measures, from postural and movement corrections to changing how you stand, sit, and sleep.

Video:Structural Breathing
Beyond the fundamental principle of improving posture, breathing is an important tool that is unfortunately ignored by most people. Dr. Goodman demonstrates structural breathing in his TED Talk, which you can watch via the link below.

Structural breathing will help improve your posture, especially while seated. When done properly, your breathing will help lengthen your hip flexors, stabilize your spine, and support your core using your transverse abdominal muscles. This will strengthen your back and keep your chest high and open. Do this exercise for thirty seconds or so, and then return to your normal seated position. With time your muscles will get stronger, and your seated posture will gradually improve.

Get a Standing Desk
One of the most popular ways to stop sitting for a long time is using a standing desk. Go ahead and gift yourself a standing desk. Here are a few options to choose from:

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Frequent, low-intensity, non-exercise movements
In this historical 2012 talk at NASA, Dr. Joan Vernikos, author of the book “Sitting Kills, Movement Heals: How Everyday Movement Will Prevent Pain, Illness, and Early Death,” explains how a lifestyle of frequent, low-intensity, non-exercise movement throughout the day is a great way to remain healthier. Check out her speech give at NASA:

Video: Foundation training
Foundation Training is an innovative method developed by Dr. Eric Goodman to treat his own chronic low back pain. Foundation Training can help counteract the negative effects of excessive sitting, which is not only a cause of chronic back pain, but can also decrease your mortality risk from all causes. Having strong, balanced core muscles is like having a built-in foundation that not only holds your abdomen in, but also stabilizes your spine, vertebrae, discs, and most importantly your pelvis.

Video: Change the Way you Sleep
In this video, Dr. Ralph Mandell discusses the best positions to sleep in to not aggravate back pain. This information is crucial because the way we sleep and the quality of mattress we sleep on, greatly affects or back. If you are sleeping incorrectly, you are at greater risk for increasing pain and inflammation in your back area.

Accidental Injury Back Pain Resources

Back pain due to accidental injury is commonly caused by car accidents, strenuous physical activity that causes strain, or any other unforeseen event that damages the muscles, ligaments, or connective tissue in the back area. Depending on the severity of the accident, this form of injury and pain is usually best dealt with through physical therapy to ensure the back is completely rehabilitated and restored.

15 Remedies for Back Pain Relief, About Health
This article outlines a comprehensive list of fifteen popular natural remedies compiled by a Natural Medicine Expert that provide relief for mild to moderate back pain.

Getting Back At Back Pain, Arthritis Foundation
This article discusses fifteen actions or solutions you can self-administer at home to treat back pain.

Exercise Ball Therapy for Lower Back Pain Relief
Have you ever worked with an exercise ball? This article shows how one simple accessory can be extremely effective to rehabilitate the back from injury.

Video: Reducing Lower Back Pain / Low Back Injury Exercises
In this video, a trainer demonstrates easy exercises that anyone can do at home or at the gym to reduce lower back pain.

Video: Proper Sleeping Positions for Neck Pain, Back Pain, Pinched Nerves and Sciatica
Dr. Ralph Mandell discusses in this video the best positions to sleep in to not aggravate back pain. This information is crucial because the way we sleep and the quality of mattress we sleep on, greatly affects or back. If you are sleeping incorrectly, you are at greater risk for increasing pain and inflammation in your back area.

How to Treat a Back Strain, Wikihow
Did you just strain your back? This article outlines the best course of action to take when you have a fresh back injury or strain.

Chronic Back Pain Resources

Sitting for long periods of time ends up shortening the muscles that connect from your lumbar region to the top of your femur and pelvis. When these muscles are chronically shortened, you can experience severe pain when you stand up, as your lower back (lumbar region) will effectively be pulled forward.

The imbalance between the anterior and posterior chains of muscles leads to many of the daily physical pains you may experience.

Herbs for Natural Pain Relief, Dr. Oz
Gives an overview of several herbs you can incorporate in your diet to help reduce inflammation and pain.

Importance of Physical Fitness in Lower Back Pain, Lower Back Pain Toolkit
Do you exercise regularly? This article discusses why exercise is a big part of rehabilitation and must be done effectively to accelerate healing. If you do not exercise at all, your back pain may reoccur or become chronic.

Low Back Pain – Treatment Overview, WebMD
Are you confused about the difference between chronic and acute back pain? This article provides clear definitions for each and outlines possible treatment plans to rehabilitate.

11 Tips for Living with Chronic Pain, WebMD
This article offers ten ideas for ways to cope with chronic pain.

Pain Management for Chronic Back Pain, Spine-Health
Within this piece is an overview of what chronic back pain is, and information about pain management techniques that will allow some relief for ongoing pain so you can complete your daily responsibilities.

Video: Yoga For Back Pain Relief & Flexibility, 20 Minute Beginners Class & Workout Stretch Routine
Yoga can be rehabilitate for the back if you are aware of the right postures. This twenty-minute video class that you can complete at home, demonstrates stretches and yoga postures that can relieve back pain.

Video: 1 Minute Lower Back Stretches
This short video offers key exercises you can perform in just one minute to rehabilitate your back. For the best results, try to incorporate this routine daily.

Video: Pilates for Low Back Pain
Pilates is extremely effective exercise for rehabilitation of the back. This video demonstrates a sequence of Pilates exercises that can be performed at home or with a trainer to relieve back pain.

Acute Back Pain Resources

Acute back pain is persistent back pain that is present for up to six weeks or more. People who are experiencing acute back pain may have mild to severe aching, burning, stabbing, sharp or dull, well-defined, or vague feelings in specific areas of the back. The exact source of acute back pain in many cases can be hard to pinpoint. Pain may be caused by trauma, strain, or sprain in the muscles, soft connective tissues, or ligaments.

Acute Back Pain,
Created by the North American Spine Society, this article discusses and defines acute back pain, and outlines possible treatment options.

Video: Acute back pain, the cause AND cure
Dr. Greg Castello discusses the cause of acute back pain and ways to pursue a cure.

Low Back Pain Exercises, Cleveland Clinic
A group of three exercises that are useful for rehabilitation are compiled in this article created by the Cleveland Clinic.

Upper and Middle Back Pain, WebMD
This article discusses the root causes of upper and middle back pain, symptoms, and options for self-care at home.

Video: Exercises for Mid-Back Pain
This video demonstrates key exercises useful for relieving mid-back pain.

Video: The Best Exercise for Upper Back Pain
This video demonstrates exercises useful for relieving upper back pain.

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