Losing weight, whether for an upcoming event or just for the sake of fitness, it is never an easy step. Not to mention, at one point in time we all struggle via fad diets or by gauging our exercise routines. Are you wondering what the fool proof solution is then? Fret no more as we bring to you the effortless 4 ways you can incorporate into your routines and lose weight naturally without any diet plans or workout regimes.

Let’s get started!

The Brain Trickery

Our brain is our control center and it surely is complex. However, tricking our brain isn’t hard. When we eat our meals, our brain needs to process that we have had enough to eat and we are full.

Firstly, by chewing very slowly and savoring each bite, we not only eat less but also start feeling full sooner. Secondly, by using smaller plates, our brain processes the plate still being full, however, the portions are much smaller in reality. Try this trick and see the difference.

Go Organic

Increasing the vegetables in every meal can actually help you lose weight. Adding one-quarter of your plate with healthy vegetables can aid in a lesser calorie intake as well as a fuller tummy. Not to mention, you will be adding to your health by providing your body different minerals, vitamins, and essential nutrients.

Wave Cravings Goodbye

Do you ever crave for your favorite chocolate or the spicy crisps? Well, we all do! The best way to ditch all your cravings is by keeping all the snack items out of sight so that they stay out of mind too! When you won’t have them, you won’t crave for them!
The untimely sugary cravings in the shape of fizzy drinks, as well as chocolates and sweets, are the worst enemies when it comes to shedding weight.

Increase Water Intake

Stay extra hydrated all day long so that not only can the toxins get flushed out but you will also feel fuller and be less prone to munch on fatty foods. By drinking one- two glasses of water before every meal, you can make sure you eat fewer calories per meal. Secondly, science suggests that we sometimes mix up a thirst for hunger and end up eating while we should be simply drinking water!

No Electronic Distractions Needed

When we eat while watching a movie or simply surfing through our phones, believe it or not, we end up eating 10% extra than we need. Electronic distractions can make you eat more, which eventually results in excessive weight gain. Hence, choose a quiet place, away from electronic devices to enjoy a healthy meal with your family or friends.

Dimmer lights are another example of a healthy meal as bright lighting brings out stress and stress lead to overeating.


If you wish to lessen your weight and look slimmer by the day, you know exactly what to do. Simply ditch a few naughty habits and lose weight without trouble.


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